Vivian A. Kominos, MD, FACC
732 395-3059
Fellowship trained and board-certified in both integrative medicine and cardiology, Dr. Kominos is uniquely able to examine all risks for heart disease and many of the chronic diseases that affect our modern lifestyle. These include mind-body interactions, sleep, social connectedness, genomics, nutrition, exercise, and more

This practice is devoted to evidence-based conventional and integrative approaches to create individualized lifestyle and treatment plans for optimal wellness. 

Is YOUR practitioner trained in Integrative Medicine? Listen to Dr. Weil as he explains more:


You do not have to be sick to be seen by the doctor! Be well and stay well and partner with Dr. Kominos!
Using healing-oriented medicine, each patient is examined and treated with special attention to how the entire body, mind, spirit, community, and culture are connected. The patient takes an active role in their healthcare and becomes a partner with Dr. Kominos. The most appropriate testing and treatment is selected from conventional and complementary medicine. Whenever possible, drugs are minimized and the patient’s own innate healing and natural remedies are used. The heart of Kominos Integrative Cardiology is prevention, healing, and healthy aging.

Upcoming appearances: (Check back often as the schedule is subject to change.)

June 27-28, Orear Institute for Postgraduate Studies, 2019 Recent Advances in Medicine. Will be giving several lectures and teaching integrative approaches to treatment of hypertension, depression in heart disease and women's heart disease. The Orear Institute hosts this conference for physicians, medical residents, advanced practice nurses, and physician assistants.  Kauffman Foundation Conference Center – 4801 Rockhill Rd, Kansas City, MO 64110.  https://btllf.org/education/orear/

July 18, 7PM-8PM: Women's Hearts: We are NOT Just Small Men. Find out how heart disease is different in women than in men, how to recognize the symptoms and understand what YOU can do to prevent disease and become your healthiest self! Silver Public Library, 484 Prospect Avenue, Little Silver, NJ. FREE and open to the public.